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Noblesville Elementary Football League

More makeup games announced--REVISED 9-20-16

Here is the makeup schedule from Saturday's washout. 

-All weekday games from here on out will be running clock. The only thing that will stop the clock will be time outs.  There will be 3 min halftime.  
-Teams will have to move around practices and make due with field space.  

-Coaches are welcome to practice on nights they are playing before or after their games.  They are limited to a 2 hour window including game and practice.  

-We will use upper and lower fields as much as possible until the middle scoreboard is fixed.  
Okay, here is the final schedule: 
Tuesday 20th: 
Lower field: Falcons vs Colts 6PM, Eagles vs Bears 6:50PM, (5th and 6th grade)
Wednesday 21st: 
Upper Field: Manchester vs Earlham 6pm (1st/2nd), Mich St vs Florida 7PM (4th grade)
Thursday 22nd: 
Upper field: Franklin vs Bluffton 6pm (1st/2nd), Saints vs Steelers 6:50 (5th/6th)
Monday 26th: 
Lower field: ND vs Kansas ST 6pm (3rd), Purdue vs A&M 6:50PM (3rd) 
Tuesday 27th: 
Middle field: Flag 6pm

Lower Field: Earlham vs Mt St Joe 6PM (1st/2nd) 
Wednesday the 28th: 
Upper: Miss St vs ND 6pm (4th)   
Lower: Purdue vs OSU 6PM (4th), Mich St. vs Florida  6:50PM (4th) 
Thursday the 29th: 

Lower: Earlham vs Franklin 6PM (1st/2nd), Mt St Joe vs Manchester 6:50 (1st/2nd)
NEFL Night a Success!


The games that were postponed on Saturday September 10th will be made up on Sunday September 18th on the following schedule.  Note the field that you are playing on, as the bottom field will not be available to us on Sunday.  So, to be clear, we will be playing on both Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend.  All other makeup games that were already scheduled from earlier in the year will be played as scheduled, except for the 5th/6th grade games vs Warren Central, which have been cancelled.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation with our weather related issues.   


Middle Field: 

Noon: Falcons vs Saints (5th/6th)

1:15: Vikings vs Eagles (5th/6th)

2:30: Bears vs Colts (5th/6th)

3:45: Earlham vs Bluffton (1st/2nd) (north end of field)

5:00: Manchester vs Franklin (1st/2nd) (north end of field)

3:45-4:45: Northwestern vs UCLA Flag (south end of field)

4:45-5:05: Illinois vs Mich St Flag (south end of field)

5:05-5:25: Mich St vs Purdue Flag (south end of field)

5:25-5:45: Purdue vs Illinois Flag (south end of field)


Upper Field: 

Noon: Ohio St vs Mich St (4th)

1:15: Notre Dame vs Florida (4th)

2:30: Miss St. vs Purdue (4th)

3:45: Texas AM vs Notre Dame (3rd)

5:00: Purdue vs Kansas St (3rd)

Games for Saturday, September 10, 2016 have been canceled!

All NEFL in-house games have been canceled for Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hall of Fame Inductions Announced!

The 2016 NEFL Hall of Fame class has been announced.  Richard Perkins and Laura Perkins will be this year's inductees.  They are both very deserving recipients of this honor, as they have been actively involved in many aspects of the operations of the NEFL for almost 20 years, and have stayed involved long after their son graduated from our program.  Please come out and support their induction this Saturday at Dillon Park following our first round of games.  Time should be around 9:30.  This will cause subsequent games to be delayed by about 30 minutes the remainder of the day.  Richard and Laura will also be announced on Friday night at the Millers game on NEFL Night.  


The Grinders pull to 3-1 with an 18-14 victory over the Northwest Caps.  The Grinders travel to Avon to take on the Orioles on Saturday September 10th.

Makeup games scheduled!

There were some makeup games from the August 13th rainout added to the schedule.  These will be made up during the week.  These are listed on the schedule page and are as follows: 


5th/6th grade (Eagles vs Warren)--Monday Sept 12, 6:30pm
5th/6th grade (Steelers vs Falcons) ---Wednesday Aug 31st, 6PM
5th/6th grade  (Saints vs Colts)  1/2 game---Wednesday Aug 31st, 7:15PM

3rd grade 1/2 game (Texas AM vs Kansas St): Wednesday Sept 14th, 7:15PM

1st/2nd grade (Franklin vs Greenfield)--Monday Aug 29, 6:30pm
1st/2nd grade (Mt St Joe vs Bluffton)---Weds Sept 14, 6pm
1st/2nd grade (Manchester vs Earlham)---Weds Sept 21, 6pm

4th grade (Michigan vs Florida)--Weds Sept 21st, 7:15pm

Flag:  Monday, Sept 19th, 6PM


The NEFL is a not-for-profit volunteer driven organization dedicated to providing the youth of Noblesville a fun and safe activity while teaching the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership through football and cheerleading.

Fundraiser information:

Due to the rain cancellation Saturday, these are due this week at practice!  Please make sure you give them to your coaches during practice this week!

There are 3 different promotions going on with this fundraiser:

1. If your child sells at least 8 items (1 set is considered an item) they can keep the sample cup.  If they do not sell 8 or more items, you are expected to return the cup.

2. We will have prizes for the top 3 sellers in the league, based on dollar amount sold.  First place will receive 2 tickets to a Colts home game.  Second place

     will receive a $175 Visa gift card.  Third place will receive a pair of Beats earbuds.

3. There will be a raffle to win one of five different prizes.  For every 5 items your child sells, their name will be entered into this drawing.  So if they sell 5 items, they will be entered one time.  If they sell 10 items, they will be entered twice, etc., etc.

Please collect payment; cash or check made payable to "NEFL", at the time of collecting the order.  You can also collect orders online & receive credit for those as well.  Please go to & follow the prompts to register as a participant using the organization name "Noblesville Elementary Football League".  Once you start typing the name the full name will appear as an option for you to click on.

If you have any questions please email Misti Ray below.

2016 team list

Here is a listing of each of the 2016 in house tackle teams.

Online Store with winter items added

Are you in the market for some new Noblesville Football Apparel? We have partnered with Josh Conder from Classic Designs Indy and he has created an online store for you to go and place an order for Noblesville Football apparel. The sale will end august 6th with a guaranteed delivery prior to the start of our first contest vs. Lawrence North on August 19th Please let me know or Annie Davis know if you have any questions. Have a great rest of the day and stay cool!

Visit the store

General Info

-Football Registration is now closed.  

-Regular Season Games start August 13th.  Schedule is posted on the Game Schedules tab.  

-NEFL Night is Friday September 8th

-Brax Cup fundraisers are due on August 13th, and will ship about two weeks after that.  Every player and cheerleader is expected to participate in the fundraiser.  

-All questions on Cheerleading should be directed to Misti Ray

-All questions on Grinders should be directed to Coach Tim Blevins

2015 Mom's game teams!

Congratulations to the 2016 Noblesville Grinders!

  • L. Schoffner
  • E. Bowers
  • J. Bethel
  • B. Bethel
  • G. Gulley
  • J. Baker
  • C. Wilson
  • B. Widget
  • J. Sharp
  • S. Dickens
  • S. Nusz
  • S. Taylor
  • C. Yeager
  • P. Roberts
  • L. Etchison
  • C. Klingle
  • R. Dilahay
  • J. McDaniel
  • C. Cox
  • T. Taylor
  • B. Cole
  • M. Johns
  • J. Pohlo
  • N. Paslay
  • J. Ambler
  • G. Wrin
  • N. Hamm
  • A. Hastings
  • K. Kalawao
  • D. Jackson
  • M. Bennett
  • A. Page
  • J. Bradshaw
  • M. Bohland
  • G. Kinyon
  • E. Castor

NHS Hires Jason Simmons as varsity head coach

Noblesville Football has a new leader. We look forward to our new direction under Coach Simmons.

2015 NEFL Champions

Congratulations to the 2015 NEFL Champions!

1st/2nd grade - Bluffton

3rd grade - Oregon

4th grade - Ohio State

5th/6th grade - Falcons

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